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EasyLink Group is a leading South African based media company whose vision is to become a world class media holding company, established in 2008. The company has an established portfolio of businesses which include Mining Export Directory magazine, Safety & Security Directory magazine, Agriculture Export Directory magazine and Easylink Pro-Cleaners Company. Our media company principally covers the advertising and editorial content sectors of the media industry in South Africa and across the African continent.

EasyLink Group is a successful publishing company with a reputation for providing advertisers with unique opportunities to deliver their message effectively to a highly desirable and targeted audience, attracting top buyers and investors. EasyLink Group offers you the most efficient marketing and advertising solutions in print, online and your firm, brand and services will leverage unequalled editorial quality putting your company in the spotlight hence increase your market share in the African markets.

EasyLink Group is the sole publishers of the Mining Export Directory magazine, the Safety & Security Directory Magazine and the Agriculture Export Directory magazine, which are unique trade quarterly international online and print magazines. The magazines pack in-depth products analysis, corporate profiles, and viewpoints from senior players (both in the Mining industry, Health, Safety & Security industry and the Agriculture industry), market trends data, financial information and news of business development opportunities into one easy-to-read journal. Mining Export Directory magazine, the Safety & Security Directory magazine and the Agriculture Export Directory magazine have coverage of all the Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Solution & Service providers, Contractors, Professionals in the African mining, Safety & Security industry and the Agriculture industry, addressing the full range of products, services and new technologies across the African markets.

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