About The Safety & Security Directory Magazine

Safety & Security Directory magazine is uniquely focused on solutions for enterprise security across all industry sectors in South Africa as well as Africa. The directory contains a mixture of best practices, news reviews, analysis, research, case studies, products & services listings, corporate profiles, and features on a broad range of safety & security industry systems, all of which you can contribute to. Safety & Security Directory magazine provides management-focused features, opinions and trends for safety & security leaders in business,

government and institutional sectors in print and online. This journal offers you most efficient marketing and advertising solutions in print, online and your firm, brand and services will leverage unequalled editorial quality putting you on the spotlight hence increase your brand, products, services awareness across the African continent. Your audience reach in both local and international is

more dynamic and impactful. And this unique, prestigious magazine ensures undisputed in-depth access to quality buyers where and when they want it…



Security Loss Prevention Management 46% -Executive Management 20%

Facilities Operation Management 14%

IT/Network/Network Security Management 18%

Other 10% 15,000+ subscribers — with the most reach in print to the enterprise security management market.

In-depth product features, high readership and quality circulation has positioned the Safety & Security Directory magazine as the market leader in all the major safety & security buying categories:

• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Construction
• Defence
• Fishing
• Food & Beverage
• Forestry
• Manufacturing
• Maritime
• Engineering
• Medical
• Mining & metals
• Paper, packaging & printing Pharmaceuticals
• Plastics, Warehousing, Domestic etc



Distributed at various health, safety and security related international trade shows throughout the year.

Each issue of the Safety & Security Directory magazine is also distributed at all African Health, Safety & Security Trade Shows.

Through organisers of trade shows and exhibitions. The directory is given out for free at such usual events.

Distributed to various buying / procurement departments, to specifiers, security headquarters, locally, internationally and to both private and government owned enterprises.

Through our major distribution offices in : Angola, Ghana, DRC, Kenya, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.