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People’s Choice Credit Union is one of Australia’s largest Credit Unions. It has a head office in Adelaide, located over five floors of an office tower, with 650 employees. People’s Choice wanted to create a modern working environment that improved efficiency and collaboration for both members and staff.

Operating an innovative, modern working environment that makes use of flexible workspaces in place of traditional desks, People’s Choice staff are not allocated a specific desk but instead choose where they wish to sit each day. To facilitate the operation of this flexible work environment and provide employees with storage for their personal effects, People’s Choice uses banks of brightly coloured lockers that are managed by Gallagher’s electronic access control.

Simplifying the administration process as well as the user experience, when staff forget their access card, key personnel can manage access and open a locker remotely using Gallagher’s Command Centre Mobile on their phone. The Gallagher BACnet integration that monitors temperature in their large data centre is a valuable solution for People’s Choice. According to manager of property services, Mike Humphrey, “The capability for Gallagher’s platform to send critical information, like the potential overheating of a server room, straight to my phone was a big selling point for us. It provides a simple mobile solution to mitigate a considerable business risk.”

Smarter security

Ahli United Bank (AUB) is a leading financial institution providing banking, investment and wealth management services from 147 branches in eight countries. After using Gallagher’s business and security solutions for nearly a decade, AUB undertook a full upgrade of the systems at its Bahrain Headquarters.

As part of upgrading the full product suite – which included all controlled doors and software – AUB wanted a complete re-design of the set-up and locations of their security system. They decided on Gallagher’s Mobile Connect technology due to it being cost-effective and having a long life-expectancy.

Gallagher Mobile Connect uses Bluetooth wireless technology to enable users to badge at a reader using a smartphone instead of an access card. A huge benefit for AUB is the solution’s capability to add additional layers of security where needed – with the option to apply two-factor authentication via the smartphone (either fingerprint, PIN, or facial recognition) delivering heightened security for access to restricted areas.

From an administrative and site management perspective, the Gallagher Mobile Connect App provides AUB with significant flexibility. Easy provisioning means that authorised staff can remotely allocate temporary access in advance and can also schedule when a user’s access can begin and end, which is ideal for visitors and contractors who come to the bank’s headquarters.

The importance of two-factor authentication

If your security system does not authenticate the cardholder, that card could be used by anyone to access your assets and systems, disrupt operations and potentially damage your business’s reputation.

“The Gallagher Mobile Connect App allows cardholders to store a highly secure access credential on their mobile device. Optional two-factor authentication using your credential plus fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN, authenticates the device user and ensures the right person gets through the door,” says Morne Grobler, group operations officer for Africa at Gallagher. “Mobile Connect is just one of many Gallagher security solutions available, providing an uncompromising degree of security for financial and banking institutions.”

For more information contact Gallagher Security, +27 11 974 4740,


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