Eps Stuntech Non-Lethal Detterent Security Products

Let Our Anti-Riot Equipment Fight Back on Your Behalf

As criminal behaviour excels in the wake of uncontrollable crowds that result in injury and death, and looters unstoppable even by a well-trained task force. Crowd control is difficult enough as is, and with deadly force out of the question, what options are left? Here at EPS Stun-Tech Security, we sought a solution for safer, more effective crowd control, which is precisely why we developed state-of-the-art anti-riot equipment to get the job done.

Unique to our range are our locally designed Security products incorporating a Non-Lethal shock as Deterrent.

Our Shock Shields, in particular, have garnered a lot of attention for their popularity in applications for passive crowed control including prison cell extractions, tactical police units, and general security. More than 8 000 of our electrified riot Shock Shields are currently employed within South African prisons with no adverse or after-effects reported as a result of their use.

A tested non-lethal voltage pulse acts as visible deterrent which upon contact will temporarily incapacitate the attacker.

Our products are all tested according to international IEC safety standards, and are key in ensuring physical safety while still immobilising aggressive or illegal behaviour.

When it comes to the protection of innocent bystanders and at-risk personnel – as well as your peace of mind – let our range of innovative products fight back on your behalf.

Website: www.epsstuntech-security.co.za

Email: sales@epsstuntech-security.co.za

Tel: +27 82 557 5655

       + 27 82 076 5704


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