About Mining Export Directory Magazine

The Mining Export Directory Magazine is a quarterly publication which offers you the most efficient marketing and advertising solutions in print, online and your company brand and services will leverage unequalled market reach, putting your company in the spotlight, outsmart your competitors and increase your market share in the African mining industry. Mining Export Directory is South Africa’s leading trade directory and the only mining industry focused directory with a solid track record for the past two decades. Your audience reach in both local and international mining market is more dynamic, impactful, guaranteed and integrated media coverage ensures you direct access to quality buyers in the niche market, hence the Mining Export Directory magazine, which is a “Directory’’, acts as a prominent buyers guide tool for prospective buyers of mining products and services from around the African continent.


Mining Export Directory Magazine is distributed through over 250 major retail outlets in the region, is also available in all major airports and bookstores in the region. Subscribers in other countries get their copies mailed directly to them. The magazine is also distributed through regional trade fairs, government offices, agencies offices and through embassy offices.

  • Distributed at various mining related local and international trade shows, association meetings for the mining & aggregates industries throughout the year.
  • Through organizers of trade shows and exhibitions. The directory is given out for free at such usual events.
  • Distributed to All major banking institutions offering capital funding to mining houses in Africa.
  • Through our major distribution offices which are in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique.

Countries which will receive the Mining Export Directory Issue:

The magazine is published 4 times a year and we have a print run of 17500 copies per issue. The issue will be distributed in Sub-Sahara Africa – Zambia (1250 copies), Botswana (825 copies), Gabon (900) Congo DRC (1225 copies), Mozambique (800 copies), South Africa (2100 copies), Namibia (600 copies), Zimbabwe (1310 copies), Angola (625 copies), Malawi (500 copies), Tanzania (800 copies), Kenya (800 copies), Ethiopia (400 copies) Uganda (755 copies), Rwanda (200 copies), Burundi (210 copies) Nigeria (1800 copies), Ghana (1100 copies) Mali (800 copies), Other (500 copies).

The magazine carries In-depth coverage that zeroes in on the latest hot-button industry topics: products, services, companies profiles, mining technologies rends for African mines and mining businesses, trending technologies among other information in the mining industry, equipment maintenance articles, and industry-related safety stories, profiling major mines in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Botswana, Gabon, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC Congo and many more….


  • Plant engineers in gold, platinum, coal and diamond mines,
  • Include mining company CEOs, Executive Officers, and Managers,
  • Foremen, Employees at mines, Mining headquarters, Decision makers, Service and Exploration companies, Geologists, Plant Engineers, Buying/Procurement staff and Mining Service Businesses.
  • Universities and Colleges offering mining related courses and mining program administrators,
  • The Mining Export Directory magazine is currently distributed in March, June, September and December to over 98000 mining-oriented companies, organizations and government institutions/mining managing directors, members, and industry stakeholders, venture capitalists, investors, researchers, mining association representatives.

Showcase Your Services…Showcase Your Expertise… Showcase Your Products…To the RIGHT AUDIENCE!

Expert in minerals and resources?

You have to advertise your services and smart technology in this magazine,

Marketing a new mining-related product, tool or piece of equipment?

This magazine reaches thousands across Africa, not to mention the world-wide audience who reads the publication online and through our weekly newsletters.

You got the knowledge needed to ensure project success?

You guessed it… showcase that expertise in this magazine!

There are unlimited advertising options available in the market, yes, Mining Export Directory magazine, well…it’s different. This is the only magazine with a solid track record providing first hand mining information to African miners which made it an official media partner endorsed by all prominent mining houses, mining professionals and executives in Africa.

Our aim is to help your business gain the best possible advantage through working together and ensuring your marketing needs are met in terms of your advertising dollar.

The Mining Export Directory contains reports from each African state as well as many interesting and relevant industry articles, corporate profiles and promotions.

Having the support of advertisers, such as yourselves, is very important to the future of the African mining industry which will continue giving you profitable business and we will endeavour to give you the best of our services and help you achieve your marketing efforts to this untapped African market. We have recently implemented an in-depth distribution of the magazine directly to prospective buyers of mining equipment, products and services to ensure all our advertisers reach their target audience and positively achieve their marketing efforts in the African market. We have flexible options available which allow you to publish company profiles, products profiles and advertorials which can suit your promotional needs and budget.

We look forward to your continued support supplying to the African mining industry creating long term business relationship with mining industry heads of departments, procurement/buying heads, engineers, decision makers in both private and government departments.

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